Installing wget in Mac OS X 10.6

The exclusion of wget in OS X is rather mystifying.  In any case, its quite easy to build from source and this post will explore how to do just that.

First, you need to have Xcode installed with “Unix Dev Support” which includes gcc and other packages for software compilation.  Xcode is located on your Mac OS X install DVD under the “optional installs” section.  You can also download Xcode from Apple. If you aren’t sure if Xcode is already loaded on your system or not, if you don’t have a “Developer” folder listed in the top level of your HD, then it is not installed.

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Debian Router/Gateway in 15 Minutes

A multitude of reasons exist as to why one would want to build a custom router vs. suffer with the performance, reliability issues, and limitations of an off-the-shelf solution. In the spirit of keeping this post short, I won’t launch into a long diatribe on the pros and cons of each here, but I have plenty of thoughts on this, so if you are interested, just ask.

What we are about to do is configure an incredibly fast and stable router/gateway solution for your home/office in about 15 minutes. (Note: This post assumes you already have your machine loaded up with a fresh copy of Debian 5.0 Lenny and you have the two needed NICs installed.

First, let’s make three initial assumptions:

  • eth0 is the public interface (the Cable/DSL modem is attached to this NIC)
  • eth1 is the private interface (your switch is connected to this NIC)
  • All of the client computers, servers, WAPs, etc. are connected to the switch

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